Creating an About Me Page

When you create your course blog, you will find you have to make a number of rhetorical choices, including how you choose to introduce yourself to your readers (who may be teachers, classmates, friends, or other students interested in learning about what you have to say). Once you have created your WordPress account and blog, and chosen a theme that includes a menu feature, you will also compose your About page. On your page, include the following:

  • Key biographical information like your first name, what you are majoring in, and anything else you think is relevant to your work as a student researcher and writer.
  • Examples of writing projects you have worked on that you are especially proud of or topics you are interested in learning more about through your writing work this term.
  • An invitation to the audience to learn more about you by engaging with you on your blog space.

You might also choose to include relevant images or links to social media, where readers can see more of the ways you work and write.

This About page will continue to take shape over the course of the semester, and you will revise it for your final project as you reflect on your work in the course.

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