Reading and Summarizing the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing

Lessner and Craig’s text “Finding Your Way In” provides a number of useful reading strategies for you to try this semester as you engage with different kinds of material, including the textbook, peers’ papers, popular and academic articles, and other texts you encounter in your research. These strategies aim to help you summarize the texts you read and understand their rhetorical situation, so that you can begin to put the texts in conversation with each other as you construct arguments and analyses and build your writing knowledge.

Your task today is to draw from prior knowledge about reading and writing, and to employ one or more of the reading strategies described in Lessner and Craig’s text, to read the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing and compose a brief summary of the text, which you will then post as a new post on your blog (or will draft on paper, depending on your technology access in class).

After you take some time to read and annotate the text and then write and revise your summaries, we will talk about the process and the strategies you used, as well as discuss the Framework’s rhetorical situation.

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