Arguments we frequently hear about: the value of college

To start our discussions about argument, we’ll first look at a topic we’re very familiar with: the question of the value of college.

Our discussion will begin here: “Is College Still Worth It?”

With your group, talk through the following points and be ready to share your ideas with the class:

  • What are the qualities of the kind of argument your group has been assigned (i.e. definition, causal, evaluation, rebuttal, proposal)? Use your summary skills to prepare a concise but useful definition of that kind of argument.
  • What has your group identified as the article’s thesis or main idea?
  • Do you see that kind of argument evident in this article? If so, where?

In your work for Tuesday, you’ll read about rhetorical analysis (“Backpacks and Briefcases”) and then read and annotate another article on the topic (“College Calculus”), to prepare to talk about how arguments can be organized and how writers use rhetorical appeals to strengthen their arguments and persuade their readers.

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