9.17 Warm-Up Writing

As I have reviewed materials for today and summary blog posts on “College Calculus,” a few questions have come to mind. Choose one of these three questions to spend five to seven minutes at the start of class thinking and writing about:

  • A review of summaries of “College Calculus” shows few or no references to Capelli’s book, which Cassidy references heavily in his article. To what degree is Cassidy’s discussion of Capelli’s book important to his argument? How might a reference to that discussion appear in your summary? What was your response to the ideas from that book referenced in the article?
  • For class today, you reviewed a link on “Enthymemes”. How might understanding where unstated premises exist in a text help you work through analyzing and critiquing the rhetoric of that text? Do you see any examples of enthymemes in “College Calculus”?
  • Review two of your classmates’ summaries. What do they point out about “College Calculus” in their summaries that you do not? How might thinking about those ideas help you revise your summary?

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