A little outline help

I’m attaching two documents here for your reference while you work on your outlines for class tomorrow.

One is the student sample essay that’s also included on the Project 1 page. I have annotated the introduction so you can see how the student includes all of the ideas presented in the P1 suggested outline sections I and II, but in a slightly different order. You’ll need to think about how best to present that material, whether it should go in one or two paragraphs, etc.

student-sample-rhetorical-analysis-1 annotated

The other is an outline for Project 1 written by one of my online students, and it includes my feedback to her. She has been gracious enough to let me share it with you. This is a fairly well-developed outline, and though there are some areas she needs to keep thinking about (as you’ll see in the notes), she’s well-positioned to move from her outline to a draft of her essay.

VHannawa_Project 1

We can talk further about these documents on Thursday if it’s helpful.

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