Reflection on Project 1

As you submit each of the major projects this semester, you will compose a reflection on elements of the process and product.

For Project 1, you will submit this document on Blackboard, along with your final draft on Tuesday, October 13. (You may also decide to post it on your blog, so you can share your ideas with your classmates.)

In your 200-300 word reflection, explain the following, providing specific examples from your process, feedback, and drafts where possible:

  • What was your process for working through revisions from your draft to the final project?
  • What do you feel is the strongest part of your essay? Why?
  • What do you feel is part of your essay you want to work more on? Why? What help or knowledge do you need to make those revisions?
  • Describe how this project helped you improve or develop one of the habits of mind you wrote about earlier this semester.

Think of the reflection as a kind of formal writing that should be organized, revised, and edited like other formal texts.

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