Practice Using the Library Database

In class today, we’ll do a quick search activity using the WSU Library Databases.

I’ll ask one of you to offer up your research question as we look at the ProQuest database.

From there, your groups will be assigned to try to find a relevant source in the following resources in the ENG 1020 Library Guide:

  • Academic OneFile
  • The Detroit Free Press
  • CQ Researcher
  • Gale Opposing Viewpoints
  • Books

As a comment or reply to this post, one member in your group should write a note explaining the following, and listing all group members names in the comment:

  • What database did you use?
  • How did you search for a text?
  • What source did you decide to look at?
  • What’s a one-sentence summary of the content of that source?
  • How did you decide whether it is credible or relevant?

If there’s time, you’ll demonstrate to the rest of the class how you found that source and why you think it might be a good one.

Over the weekend, you’ll work on finding your first source, and narrating your search and reporting relevant content in your next draft of the I-Search. You’ll bring your new draft in on Tuesday (see other post from today).

On Tuesday 10/13, we’ll follow this activity up with practice analyzing and evaluating sources.

7 thoughts on “Practice Using the Library Database

  1. *Academic OneFile
    *Hip-Hop Influence/Adolescence
    *”Influence of Sexually Degrading Music on Mens Perceptions of Women’s Dating-Relevent Cues”
    *A study examining the influence that hip-hop and rap music has on young mens’ perception of women and their cues relating to sexual interest, friendliness, or rejection.
    *Date of study was during the current year of 2015, very relevant!

  2. We used the database Gale Opposing viewpoints. We used an advanced search with the keywords “hip hop” and “teenagers.” We looked at the first source that appeared titled “Violent Rap lyrics…” The article was about the effects on hip hop in the development of teenagers and whether or not there is a relationship in developing negative behaviors.
    Farjana, Dany, Shannon, Anna, and Erin

  3. Group Member: Samantha Cutting, Mohamad Damen, Laura Husseini, Amanda Chanske

    Database Used: CQ Researcher

    We searched for key word such as effects and hiphop.

  4. The Detroit Free Press Group,
    Gabriel, Scott, Natasha, Charles
    Article: Hip hop’s impact on the development of the self and identity
    I-Search Key Words- Hip Hop, Effects, and Adolescence
    The topic of the article is how hip hop effects its listeners my regulating mood, empowering them, or used in mental health treatments among other effects.

  5. Database Used: GALE Opposing Viewpoints
    Article: Evidence of Racial Stereotyping in the Media
    Keywords: Causes of Racism
    The article states that a probable cause for racism still occurring today is the media; how African Americans are always associated with “bad news” in the media, leading people to still have a racist prejudice towards them.

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