Revising Reflections

In my comments on your P1 reflections, I directed each of you to a set of questions I’d have you write about in class today.

Take a few minutes to read my comments and respond to them, then build into your reflection clear responses to the questions referenced below (as assigned).

Reflective writing, as a genre, requires explicit examples and explanations of writing and parts of the writing process, for your readers to understand what you’re conveying, and for the writing itself to help you develop a metacognitive awareness of writing knowledge.

Metacognitive Behavior Generative Prompts
Person (emotional phrase in initial reflection draft; operates as stem) ex) …in my first attempts at writing a genre analysis or a rhetorically structured argument I was confused and disheveled…
Task Describe the rhetorical situation of the project you are working on. What is the purpose? Who is the audience? What genre are you expected to write in? What other assignment parameters do you have to meet?
Strategy Describe the different ways you have thought about approaching this assignment.
Planning Describe the writing problem you need to address, analyze what it requires you to do, and select a strategy for addressing the writing problem.
Monitoring Describe what you think about while you work through the writing task and what writing moves you make as you compose your draft.
Regulation/Control Describe the different choices you make as you compose. Why do you decide to use one example and not another? How do you choose to organize your ideas? Why do you delete or move an idea? etc.
Evaluation Assess the quality of your finished product. Did you meet the assignment requirements? Did you successfully develop your argument or accomplish your purpose? Did you accomplish your personal goals for writing?
Constructive Metacognition Develop a claim that states the writing knowledge you have gained through this task. What have you learned about writing?

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