Annotated Bibliography Assignment

For the first annotated bibliography due Thursday, 10.29 work through three writing tasks for one of the four new sources on your list:

1) Write a works cited entry for the source.

2) Write a concise summary of the key points and argument (as applicable) of the source. In this summary, remember some key points about composing summaries:

  • Introduce the text and author and use attributive phrases where applicable (“Jankens argues,” “notes Jankens,” etc.)
  • Remain objective in the summary, reporting the ideas and argument of the text without including your opinions.

3) Write an application paragraph, exploring why this source (and its ideas, arguments, etc.)  is relevant to your topic, how it adds to the larger conversation, how you will use it in your evaluation essay, etc.

Each annotated bibliography entry should be about 150-300 words long.

Examples: 7065_annotated bibliography

We will use part of the time in class on Thursday to read each other’s annotated bibs and revise as needed.

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