Composing/Revising Annotated Bibliographies to Prep for Composing P3

A quick note on evaluations of annotated bib posts (9, 10, and 11):

If you receive a “check” as a grade, review and (if relevant to upcoming posts) edit and proofread your sentences carefully, attend to how you’re using signal or attributive phrases, and work on being more specific and/or developed in your application section, explaining how the source will help you craft your argument for the project.

If you receive a “minus”, do the above, and read for any other comments I have left you on your blog post.

If you receive a “plus”, keep it up!

Later this week and next week, we will start working on outlining for P3, and you’ll think about how the summaries in your annotated bibs might serve as sections of your argument, and how the applications help you think about how to position the sources in the argument.

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