Post 13: “Talk-Backs”

This post is due to your blog Thursday, 11/19, by 11:59 p.m.

To prepare for this blog post, read Yancey’s “Talk-Backs” excerpt, posted in Blackboard.

Then, compose a  post in which you write about the following:

1. Pulling from the Yancey readings, sum up your understanding of what *she* is saying about the value of reflection, and add in your sense of what reflection is doing for you in terms of your learning and writing process (100-200 words).

2. Review your peers’ comments on your draft. Following an adapted version of Yancey’s “talk-back” form, respond to the following prompts (150-300 words):

  • Based on your review of the comments and questions, what was valued in the text (by the reader)?
  • Do you agree with the areas of focus suggested for a revision?
  • What questions do you have about these comments? OR What responses can you provide to any of the questions posed in the comments?
  • What else are you concerned with or planning to do in revising your paper?

Question: What if I was not in class to get feedback on my paper?

Answer: Find one or two knowledgeable people to read and give you written feedback, and write your blog post based on that feedback!

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