Post 15: Brainstorm for P5

For this post, spend 15-30 minutes brainstorming for P5.

You might decide to freewrite about which project (1, 2, or 3) you are going to revise and why.

Once you have that done, you might decide to begin working through the windows questions on the P5 page.

OR, you might decide to pull out your draft and make your revision notes on there (in which case, you could upload a picture of your notes).

How you format this post is up to you–just use the time to start thinking and writing about P5.


Link for infographic creation site

Use this site to help you create your InfoGraphics for P4: piktochart

You can use the free versions–no need to subscribe.

My recommendation for your groups is that you decide who will be in charge of developing content, who will focus on design, and who will focus on technical components (actually doing things on the site), though you should all be in discussion about these elements for the strongest collaboration and insight into the process.

Brainstorming for P4

Work through these questions in your group Tuesday:

What is the argument I am presenting?

What pieces of evidence or other information from my essay are the most important and compelling pieces of information for a general audience to understand my topic?

Which pieces of information should be central to the visual?

Which pieces can be supporting or peripheral?

How do I want to organize the visual (Infographic)?

How will I use color and text to highlight key ideas and develop my ethos?

How will I use images in my Infographic to support my argument?

Project 3 Reflection Directions

For your Project 3 reflection, write 200-300 words on the following, using specific examples from your project to support your ideas where needed:

  • What is the specific purpose of your Project 3? How did you use research and/organization to accomplish this purpose?
  • Who is the audience you are writing for in this project? What rhetorical moves did you use to specifically address and persuade this audience?
  • How did you make sure you were writing a researched argument and not an I-Search or information research paper for this project? What rhetorical moves do we see in your writing that show us this is an argument?

This reflection is due with your final draft of P3, 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, December 1.