CLC: Composition Learning Community

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Section 022 Peer Mentor: Maricel G.

Email: maricel(dot)gener(at)wayne(dot)edu

Office Hours: Thursdays (online), Fridays by appointment after 2 p.m.

Section 030 Peer Mentor: Carly M.

Email: carly(dot)malburg(at)wayne(dot)edu

Office Hours: Select Wednesdays, 9:45-10:45, in 5057 Woodward, Suite 9205 (first date, 9/16, future dates posted soon).

CLC Mission Statement: Through this program we are building a community within which students talk about, talk through, and reflect on the lived experience of Composition at Wayne State University.

CLC Goal: To support students’ enculturation and engagement in general education composition courses.

CLC Objectives:

Cultivating collaboration
Emphasizing connections
Building culture
Creating solidarity

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